Brian Mulligan offered a rounded baritone with impressive evenness throughout the registers...his aria proper showed off a lovely legato.


“As Guglielmo, Brian Mulligan sang with resonance and bite in a role that tests the singer at both ends of a very wise range”.

Alexander Campbell, Classical Source

“Puccini’s writing when all three characters sing together is particularly skilful, and here was brought to the full by Brian Mulligan’s strong and assertive baritone as Guglielmo, Arsen Soghomonyan’s dark but exceptionally versatile tenor as Roberto, and Ermonela Jaho’s highly committed and emotional performance as Anna.”

Sam Smith, Music OMH

“Most characters in “Le Willis” do not get a chance to develop: Only Guglielmo has anything like a solo, with his aria invoking the Willis at the beginning of Part 2. It is here powerfully delivered by Brian Mulligan.”

Robert Hugill, The Epoch Times

« Brian Mulligan est un Guglielmo au timbre clair et au medium solide. Il campe avec conviction un père attentionné et protecteur pour sa fille unique. Son air de déploration « No ! possibile non è » est particulièrement poignant. »

“Brian Mulligan is a Guglielmo with a clear timbre and a solid medium. He convincingly portrays a caring and protective father for his only daughter. His deplorable look of “No! possibile non è” is particularly poignant.”

Christian Peter, Forum Opéra

“Brian Mulligan provides strong support as Anna’s father, Guglielmo”

Justine Nguyen, Limelight